Day 7 Week 2

So here I am at Week 2:

Week 2
Week 2

Slowly but surely you can tell that my body is returning back to normal.  It seems like it will take a long time, but seeing the progression in the pictures does bring me some hope.  My measurements for this week are: Weight 148.4 lbs, Waist 40″ and Bust 36.5″.  I could tell that I was extremely bloated today which accounts for the lack of change in my waist size even though I had noticed myself with a smaller belly just a day or two ago.  And apparently my boobs are shrinking faster than anything else!  And thankfully I’ve lost about 3 lbs so far.  But I still have to wear my maternity pants.  Sad day. I’m noticing that I am extremely sensitive to certain foods right now.  I bloated up really fast and really big for a day or two at the beginning of the week.  And through process of elimination I figured out that it was nuts that was setting me off.  I have developed allergies in the past, but I think this is just because my gut is so messed up it makes me sensitive to more foods than usual.  I will have to find something else to snack on now *sigh*. A couple other things of note, to be able to sleep the amount of hours I wanted during the week, I had to skip exercising for two days.  Sometimes I’ve had to stay up late to finish cleaning or cooking which means that I have to skip exercising to get the sleep I need.  I decided that sleep had to be a priority.  Hopefully I won’t have to compromise like this too often.  And I also wanted to note the type of exercise.  Since the antibiotics that I just finished had a warning that it could weaken and possibly cause muscles and tendons to tear, I decided to start with very low impact exercising.  So for now I alternate with ballet stretches and walking on the treadmill.  I’ll continue this for another week or two so I don’t hurt myself.  I’m not too bothered by this because I’m so out of shape from being sick for so long that it will take me a while to build back up my strength anyway. I think that’s all for this week!


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