Day 42 Week 7

This week has had some struggles of its own, but overall I’ve been feeling much better.  My cousin and I had decided to make some fruit muffins to satisfy our sweet toothes.  I used a recipe with almond flour.  Even though I knew that almonds had bothered me, but I thought that it was because they were roasted or whole.  Well, apparently any type of almond causes me to bloat up like a balloon.  *sigh*  I have to admit, I gorged myself on those muffins the following day when I was also testing to see if I would react to almond milk as well (which I did).  Here’s a picture of what happens when I eat almonds:


I also managed to eat some flavored rice that I later figured out had corn products in it and that did not feel good!  But now that I’ve figured out some of my big offenders, I have been able to avoid them and seem to be doing just fine.

I’ve noticed that overall my mood has been greatly improving.  I had just been thinking about it this week, how just a couple of months ago I really struggled with depression and mood swings.  I’m so grateful my emotions have been able to stabilize since then.  I’m waiting to see if I’ll have another bout of mood swings with this next period, but I’m hoping that the mood swings will continue to lessen and completely go away with each upcoming period.  This last week, I’ve really begun to notice that I’m beginning to enjoy life again.  My health has improved so much (and the weather has been behaving) that I’ve been able to get outside and work on my garden again.  That has been extremely satisfying.

And for my stats for this week:

Day 42 Week 7
Day 42 Week 7

Weight 144.6 lbs, waist 39.5″ and bust 34.5″.  I’m pretty sure that this is the lowest my weight has been since my first cyst appeared almost two years ago.  How exciting is that?  I have been so pleased with how my body looks and feels so far.  I will definitely be keeping this up for at least a little while longer.  My initial goal is three months, to see how much my body improves.  If I’m still reacting to the foods I used to be able to eat, like almonds and corn, I may continue this for six months to a year.  My coworker said that it took her daughter a year to heal her pancreas naturally through diet.  That is certainly a long time, but it will be well worth it!


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