Day 56 Week 9

This week had lots of surprises, stress and fun.  My parents, sister-in-law and niece found out last minute that they were able to visit for Labor Day weekend.  We had such a good time cooking and hanging out.  I also have had an external situation that has been causing a lot of stress which in turn has wreaked havoc on my emotions this week.  But I don’t believe it is diet or hormone related thankfully.  I have a very hard time handling stress and I know that it is one of the last steps to healing my body and my gut.  My goal is to reduce my stress levels as much as possible.

Here is some of the fun we had this weekend:

Weekend 3 Weekend 2 Weekend 1

Day 56 Week 9: 143.0 lbs, waist 38.5″ and bust 33.5″.  This week I tried another milk substitute, flax milk.  I flat out did not like this one, especially warmed up with molasses and coconut oil.  So, I went back to using rice milk.  *sigh*


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