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Gluten-Free Tater-Tot Casserole

Latest Updates for changemyhealth

Now that I have more time, I have been really excited to start updating my blog.  I’ve been wanting to make it more user friendly and post more often so you can benefit from my experiences.  So you will begin to see some changes over the next couple weeks and months.  Please let me know what you think, if there are more topics that you would like to hear about or any questions that you have regarding a gluten-free diet or changing your health for the better using diet and lifestyle changes.  Some things to look forward to will be links to purchase the type of gluten-free flours and pastas that I use, guest posts to share an in-depth look as to why I use the supplements and diets that I use, and more social media outlets via facebook and pinterest to keep you updated throughout the week.

Vacation Busy-ness

One of the reasons that I have not been able to update the last couple of weeks is that we have been getting ready to go on our family vacation.  We have been busy making sure that all of our bills would be paid on time while we were out of town, I had to work several days back-to-back due to the upcoming holiday, and prepare by packing or cooking meals in advance because I had to work more frequently than usual.  But we finally made it!  Woohoo!  We’ve had a lot of fun spending time with family and will continue on the next leg of our trip tomorrow.

I was hoping to update with this post sooner but my son became sick yesterday and we spent all day cleaning him up and sitting with him.  Sick babies are a lot of work!  Thankfully today he has been much better.  Still a little cranky and very hungry.  It’s been hard to limit his food and drink intake to make sure he doesn’t overwhelm his stomach all the while keeping him happy.


One of the recipes that I made this past week while preparing for vacation was a Tater-Tot Casserole.  I tried it several months ago for the first time and it was a big hit for my family.  My husband absolutely loved it!  And after persuading my son to try it, he cleaned his plate!  This is a very simple recipe and you can tweak it to however you and your family would enjoy it.  Usually we would add a lot more spices to the meat while cooking it, but since Baby Girl is still kind of picky I didn’t do that this time.


Gluten-Free Tater-Tot Casserole

I just love how simple and easy this recipe is to make and how much my family loves it!


1 Bag of Frozen Tater-Tots
1-1.25 lbs of Ground Turkey (or Beef)
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Chopped Tomato
1 Bunch of Chopped Chives
Sour Cream
Pico de Gallo

– Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
– Brown the ground meat (my husband likes to use turkey because it is healthier but beef works just fine too).  At this point you could also add spices, chopped onions and peppers to the meat too.  I just chose not to this time.
– Pour the bag of tater-tots into your 9 x 13″ baking pan.
– Pour the browned meat on top of the tater-tots and stir so they are evenly mixed.
– Sprinkle shredded cheese on top.
– Cover the pan with foil and place in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  The dish should look slightly browned and the tater-tots should be crispy.
– Add your choice of chopped tomatoes, chopped chives, sour cream or pico de gallo.


I just love how simple and easy this recipe is to make and how much my family loves it!  It usually doesn’t last more than the night and maybe leftovers for one or two people.  Even my son, who tends to be pretty picky, will eat quite a bit of it.  I hope you enjoy!



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