Day 105 Week 16

It certainly is high time for an update!  So much has happened and changed since my last post (and I’ll say it up front for everyone, no, I’m not pregnant :P).  Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the last several weeks have been filled with long hours and overtime, being sick, changing jobs (both me and my husband) and putting our house on the market to sell.  Whew!  We sure know how to keep things interesting!  Needless to say, I think about updating my blog quite often, but haven’t had much energy or free time to do so.  But I think of you all frequently.

Here is a brief overview of all my statistics for the past weeks that I’ve missed:
Day 70 Week 11 – 143.8 lbs, waist 37.5″, bust 33.5″
Day 77 Week 12 – 141.6 lbs, waist 38″, bust 33″
Day 84 Week 13 – 141.6 lbs, waist 38″, bust 33.5″
Day 91 Week 14 – 140.6 lbs, waist 37.5″, bust 33″
Day 98 Week 15 – 139.8 lbs, waist 38″, bust 33″
Day 105 Week 16 – 141.0 lbs, waist 38″, bust 33″

As you can tell, I had plateaued for a while and then started to come down even further until just recently.  I’m not sure if I was losing the weight because I was sick or if I’m gaining back now from having been sick.  Also of note, this sickness that I’m speaking of has been triggered by a really bad case of seasonal allergies.  I was knocked out for an entire weekend at the beginning and have been slowly improving since.  I was put on another antihistamine (boo*hiss*) and took cough medicine for several weeks.  I’m still coughing up some phlegm but its gotten better enough that I’ve quit taking the cough medicine since it causes (surprise, surprise) extra bloating.  The capsules actually made me nauseous so I had to stick with the liquid.  Yuck!  Being sick and changing jobs has put a cramp on my exercise routine, so I’m hoping I can get back going in the next week or so.

One other thing, that is kind of funny, I made chicken fried rice Sunday night (sorry, no pictures) and the rice mix that I got had corn in it.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got seconds.  And I was like, well . . . we’ll see what happens!  LOL!  I didn’t react immediately, but I could tell by the next morning that I had bloated a little bit and was having some stomach cramps.  I feel like the bloating was a little better, but I don’t remember having stomach cramps in the past.  However, I may have had them and not noticed because everything else was so bad in the beginning.  Somehow, I still feel like that was an improvement, maybe I’m just wishing too hard.  LOL!

I have started back on my coffee addiction.  My commute to work is longer now and mostly in the dark, so I figured that drinking coffee was better than falling asleep while driving.  But I did make it at least three months without coffee which was my original goal to give my adrenals a break.  So I’m very pleased with that.  While I’m thinking about it, overall my hormones are doing SO MUCH BETTER!!!  Now that I’m at the four month mark, looking back, I can say that everything has finally settled back to normal.  My cycles are normal and predictable again, my hair, nails and skin are harder and thicker again and I do not experience the mood swings and depression like I did in the Spring.  I even saw my doctor today for a check-up and she said that everything looks healthy and normal, no signs of cysts at all!  Praise the Lord!  I can tell that everything feels much better now.  I still have to be careful about what I eat, but I’m hoping over time that I can continue to heal my gut.

I hope to check back in soon (and more frequently again), but until next time, here’s a beautiful picture of me and my son enjoying this Fall weather!

Jackson October